When you see all kinds of great deals in the market for a certain device from last year, then you know that the next flagship smartphone is coming out really soon. This time around, Best Buy is offering all kinds of freebies if you buy a Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge from them and through the installment plans from specific carriers. We’re expecting the announcement of the Galaxy S8 in a month’s time so this offer is not out of the ordinary at all.

If you don’t have plans of getting Samsung’s next flagship anyway, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are actually more than decent devices. And if you get it (probably for a limited time only) from Best Buy, they will throw in the following items: a Samsung Fast Charge wireless charger (priced at $59.99), a Samsung EVO+ 256GB microSD card (valued at $199.99) and a $100 Best Buy gift card. All in all, they come to a total of $359.98 so that’s not bad, considering you get a great new phone of course.

The caveat is that you have to get the phone and activate it either on Verizon Device Payment (at 24 months installment) or AT&T Next (at 30 months installment). The cost per month varies of course, depending on the internal storage capacity and the color, as well as which carrier you’ll be getting it from.

They did not specify as to until when the deal is, but it’s probably on a limited supply basis. There will also be more offers like this in the next few weeks, so if you feel like there might be something better, then wait just a few more days.

SOURCE: Best Buy


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