The latest update for the Belkin WeMo app has arrived in the Play Store. This time the app has gone to v1.6 and with the new number comes support for some additional products. There is also a new motion notification and “support for Android Kit Kat.”

We find the bit about Kit Kat a little curious. The WeMo app had been running on Kit Kat, and think this may have more to do with improving the experience for Kit Kat users. Our experience with the WeMo app running on Kit Kat (a Moto X) hadn’t been all that smooth in the past. We haven’t used the app for more than a few minutes since the update, but we can say things appear quite a bit smoother.

The remaining items in the changelog include a new motion notification rule for Sensor, and new product support for the Crock-Pot Slow Cooker and the WeMo Maker. Though, the latter product is still listed as coming soon. Otherwise, Belkin also mentioned some unspecified bug fixes and general improvements.

All said and done, this latest Belkin WeMo app update seems like one you will want to grab — especially if you are running Kit Kat. Those with the app already installed should visit the Play Store and head into the “My apps” section. Those looking to download the app for the first time should use this Google Play Store link.