The discrepancy between the number of devices in the world versus the number of wall sockets or laptop USB ports make the quest for an available slot almost feel like an episode from The Amazing Race. Fortunately, Belkin has our backs with new full rate USB chargers that has enough sockets to make even mobile charging a social thing.

Mobile users, especially so called mobile professionals and road warriors, rely heavily on their gadgets to be productive. Unfortunately, batteries today can only give that much juice under heavy and continuous workloads. Mobile chargers have, then, become the stopgap solution, but even the usual one- or two-port models can only do so much for someone with a handful of gadgets, not to mention a whole bunch of people haggling over a single wall socket.

Enter Belkin’s new 2.4A Full Rate USB chargers, advertised to meet your energy needs as well as your friends. Buyers looking into purchasing such a charger have a choice between one with 4 USB ports and one that boats of 10, all of which are Type A USB sockets backwards compatible with USB 2.0. The charger is said to be able to discharge up to 2.4A per attached device. That 2.4A also charges up to 14% times faster than the common 2.1A charger, theoretically. These Belkin USB chargers also look well-designed and stylish enough that you wouldn’t be ashamed to bring them out in public, except probably for the number of USB cables that would be sticking out of it.

The Belkin B2E027 4-port USB charger is available for purchase from Belkin’s online store for a price of $109.99. The larger 10-port Belkin B2E026, on the other hand, is still unlisted.

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