Having been kids ourselves at one time or another, we can definitely get more than one kick out of radio controlled cars. What BeeWi has done here is take a radio controlled car and upgrade it to the point where it’s not only controlled via Bluetooth, it’s controlled via Bluetooth with an Android app! Roll on through the city with your lovely black and white Mini Cooper toy car with only the waving of your phone if you wish, using your orientation sensor to steer.

This car is capable of being controlled either through intuitive motion control with your smartphone or otherwise Android-controlled device interface, OR you can choose to use touch-screen buttons. We’re not sure what kind of motor is inside the car, but they’re saying it’s “Super Fast!” The car itself only requires 3 AAA batteries, and the whole system is controlled with Android 2.1 and above or Nokia Symbian^3 & S60 3rd & 5th editions. Weird! Just turn your device on, click on the power button on the car, pair with Bluetooth, and you’re off!

The Bluetooth chip you’ll be working with is Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, CSR BC4, this with a Class 2 range meaning it’s right around 15 meters at its furthest ability. With three AAA batteries in the car, you’re good for up to 3 hours of rocking and rolling. You can go forward and backward with 2 modes, plus left and right steering with the front wheels. The car is approximately L 179 mm x W 98 mm x H 74 mm, weighs right around 205 g, and is 1:20 scale of the real deal Mini Cooper.

Take a look at the compatibility chart below in the gallery, then head over to BeeWi for more info on how you can make the car your own!



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