Who says that actual alarm clocks, and not the app on your phone, are things of the past? Maybe the one that you were used to before may not be that relevant nowadays, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reinvent it right? Beddi Intelligent Alarm Clock has done just that and it can be the best “bedside concierge” that you can ever have. It’s currently on a Kickstarter campaign, but based on the response to it, it may be at a bedside near you soon.

Since apparently 71% of respondents sleep with their smartphones beside it, why not partner it with a device that can also study your bedside habits and then use it to make waking up in the mornings better and not such a pain. It is not just an alarm clock, but also a Bluetooth speaker, a docking station for your smartphone, and even a mood light that can be connected to other smart devices in your house.

Some of the things that Beddi can help you with: give you traffic updates and tells you when is the best time to leave your house and when you should get up; use your Spotify playlist to wake you up when you need to wake up; request for an Uber ride by setting a pre-set location and Beddi will let you know if your ride is there; connect with other smart home device systems like Nest, Philips Hue, and WeMo switch; white noise generator, mood lighting, charging for your device, weather alerts, and so much more.

The Kickstarter campaign has already reached its target of $25,000 with 43 more days to go. You need to give them $75 in order to get your very own Beddi at a discounted rate since SRP will be $99.99. Estimated delivery date is June of next year.


SOURCE: Kickstarter

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