Becoming a stuntman may be the secret dream of a lot of people, but even if it isn’t yours, you’d still enjoy playing a game like this. Joe Danger is a multi-award winning side-scrolling, racing and platforming game that was first available in the Sony Playstation back in 2010. But now, it has arrived on your Android mobile device, giving you the freedom to play it on your smartphone or tablet.

The eponymous hero of the game, which you can surmise from his name, is the “world’s most determined stuntman” and he is out to dodge danger, jump through figurative hoops, and basically “race, ride, and defy death” all for the purpose of becoming the Master of Disaster once again. The gameplay is simple and the touch controls are pretty intuitive. For example, you can swipe him so he can “do a wheelie”, flick those things that will stop Joe from advancing, hold to crouch and if you need him to jump, just tap the screen.

In terms of graphics, the game uses beautiful, colorful 60FPS 3D graphics to make your playtime more enjoyable. There are over 20 hours of non-stop playing in the continuous mode. If you play the Daily Challenge mode, you get to beat a different level everyday. There are also more than 25 characters that you can unlock and play, in case you get tired of just being the normal, plain ole Joe Danger.

If you don’t think the touch controls are enough for you to play the game on your smartphone or tablet, you can play it using any of the most popular game controllers (Xbox 360 pads, MOGA, nVidia Shield among others). You can download Joe Danger from the Google Play Store for just $2.86, with some in-app purchases available.