Photographers and videographers who want to go pro don’t always need the most hi-tech equipment in the world. Oftentimes, you only need talent and advanced skills to show others that you can venture into photography and filmmaking and make it big by creating contents that are beautiful and inspiring. One Kickstarter project that may help your cause is the Beastgrip DOF Adapter MK2 and Pro Series 1.33X Anamorphic lens.

This special kit allows you to take better photos with your smartphone camera. You don’t need a DSLR or professional cams because your hi-specced phone is enough. Just make sure you have the right accessories and software and you’re off to making professional looking videos you can use for your business and post on YouTube to hopefully get famous.

The DOF Adapter MK2 and Anamorphic lens can help you jumpstart your filmmaking career. The first one is a smartphone SLR/DSLR lens adapter that brings the power of big cameras to your phone. It attaches to a bayonet mount while the phone is mounted on the other side. There’s a special mechanism that lets you use the lens and mount like a professional camera. You can use the DOF Adapter MK2 with a number of SLR and DSLR lenses.

Meanwhile, the Pro Series 1.33X Anamorphic Lens is ideal for smartphones with 28mm equivalent focal length. It can help give you the cinematic widescreen aspect ratio and dramatic perspective you want to achieve.

Fund goal is $80,000 but with still 21 days to go, over $118,000 have been raised already from 354 backers. You can still send in your support if you want to see this project go into production.

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SOURCE: Kickstarter