Microsoft and OS X might be the more popular operating systems, but few will contest that Linux is the most flexible. It runs on anything from powerful servers to petite smartwatches. If learning how to harness that much power has always interested you, then do we have the deal for you. With the VoCore Mini Linux Computer, you have a Linux computer you can take to any purpose you desire. And to get you started on your Linux journey, we also have a learning bundle ready to guide you on your quest.

Those familiar with boards like the Raspberry Pi will probably feel at home with the VoCore. But unlike the RPi, which, by default, also runs a Linux-based OS, the VoCore is more like a small, coin-sized square, less than an inch in size. It runs OpenWRT Linux, the flavor of Linux popular on wireless routers. It has 32 MB of RAM, just enough for your basic hacking needs. This package even comes with the optional dock that adds USB and Ethernet ports.

Though small and seemingly underpowered, the VoCore can be transformed into a tiny router, a motherboard, or the base an even bigger invention.

But in case this is your first brush with Linux, do not fret. Our Linux Power User Bundle can help get you started. You can kickstart your journey and learn the basics in 5 days, then graduate to more advanced command line mastery. And then when you’re ready, you can even start on the road to starting and running a Linux-powered web server.

The VoCore mini Linux computer normally costs $45 but can be yours for only $39. The Linux Power User Bundle has a $693 value but you can grab all that juicy knowledge for only $19.

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