One of the most popular, successful, and top grossing apps for Android Beautiful Widgets, has just been updated to the latest and greatest version 4.0 and has some impressive new features. Beautiful Widgets is that awesome weather and clock you’ve probably seen on thousands of Android smartphones and tablets. Today they’ve added multi-forecast options and a few other new features. It’s also half-off for a limited time so get it while you can.

With today’s update we have a brand new Web Store where users can browse all the different clock and weather skins to find the perfect customized look for their device. They’ve also added a cloud-to-device option so users can browse the skins online, and then tap download and it will instantly download right to your device. A nice feature but I usually just browse for skins inside BW myself.

One of the most requested features of the excellent Beautiful Widgets was the option to have multiple locations at once. Being able to set multiple weather forecasts. Previously you could only use a single location, or enable Geo-location. With BW 4.0 we can now add as many as we’d like and it works great in Ice Cream Sandwich. Just simply swipe to scroll through your weather forecasts. I’ve added three as you can see in the screenshots above. While viewing the weather forecast just wipe to the left/right to view different locations. It’s simple, easy, and something I’ve wanted forever.

Beautiful Widgets is one sale along with the new 4.0 update for a limited time so if you’ve not already purchased this simply awesome application, I highly suggest you give it a try. Check out the new BW Web Store with the link below, then head to the Google Play Store and get it today.

Beautiful Widgets Web Store

Google Play Link