If you’ve been enjoying Beats Music, the music streaming service is about to get a lot better. An incoming update brings a much needed widget, and improves the way you track the listening habits of friends. Offline listening and downloads have also been fixed, according to the change log.


Beats now allows you to find and follow your Facebook friends via their service, and has better Facebook and Twitter account management. The Sentence, Beats’ unique music suggestion feature, also has “thousands of new tracks”.

The widget is a much needed addition, likely making it a go-to player for many rather than a nice app. If you weren’t happy with playback using Beats, they’ve also fixed that — though they didn’t note what changes they’ve made. Social, and with a good music suggestion protocol, Beats’ widget brings them back into attention.

The update is rolling in now, so be on the lookout for it if you’re using Beats. We like it for what it is, but even with a widget, it has some catching up to do to be in the league of some incumbent services.

Source: Play Store