Beats Music has acquired Topspin Media. Statements from both companies have already been shared on the respective company blogs, with Beats Music mentioning how this means they get a “team of talented people who have spent years working on building and fine-tuning the artist-to-fan connection.” Naturally, this will only serve to further the Topspin integration already seen in the Beats Music service.

For those unfamiliar, the Topspin integration within the Beats Music service helps to strengthen the connection between artist and fan. More specifically, it allows artists to update profile pages with everything from custom images to merchandise offers. Beats Music has already begun teasing about how users will be seeing “many exciting new features” as well as “new ways to discover music and engage with your friends and the artists that create it” over the next several months.

Aside from Beats Music already having Topspin integration, there is another connection here. Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers formerly held the CEO title at Topspin Media. Specifics coming from the Topspin side include mention about how current customers will see “no immediate change.”

Topspin has said they will “continue to operate both ArtistLink and the Topspin Platform without any interruption to either products’ service.” Looking forward, there was also mention about how both companies will look for a “strategic partner” to operate and run the email and commerce services in the Topspin platform.

Bottom line here, while we haven’t heard a tremendous amount about Beats Music since the initial launch excitement — it seems the company has taken a decent step to further improve the streaming service.

SOURCE: Beats Music, Topspin Media