You’re probably tired of hearing it, but Internet security and privacy are those things that need to get hammered into everyone’s consciousness repeatedly until they become second nature. But despite their importance, the inertia needed to get things rolling is still just as tough to overcome. Which is why deals like these, which give you a lifetime subscription of Internet protection via VPN Unlimited, are there to smoothen the road and sweeten the deal. It doesn’t hurt that it is being offered at an equally smooth and sweet 70 percent discount.

Like any other VPN service, VPN unlimited hides your tracks on the Internet through the use of Virtual Private Networks. Your data is hidden and your activities obfuscated by allowing you to make connections to servers all around the globe. It might sound shady, but in this day and age of surveillance and hacking, it’s a common and well known shield against unauthorized access to your online life.

With this subscription deal, you get that protection for the rest of your life without limits, at least as far as bandwidth and speed are concerned. Unlimited bandwidth and high-speed access should vanquish worries of slow Internet access. VPN Unlimited also works across all devices and platforms, with sad exception of Windows Phone. It is also available to any users in whatever country, except, somewhat unsurprisingly, China. The one caveat is that you can only use the service on at most 5 devices.

All of that you get for only $39, while the regular price $130. And that’s for a lifetime subscription of worry-free online privacy, courtesy of VPN Unlimited.

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