Every time we have to post a story about the Blackberry Messenger app, more popularly known as BBM, we have to remind people it’s still alive. Well, we’re pretty sure at least there are 100M – 500M people who know it still exists (according to their numbers). And Blackberry is not fazed with competition like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, etc as they of course aim to keep improving their app. The latest update brings a few improvements again, including longer messages and easier sticker access.

It’s not like there’s a 140 character limit on your BBM, but apparently, before this update, people were running into problems when sending novellas, or rather, long messages on the app. But now they’ve managed to clear that up so if you’re intent on sending 100 things you love about your significant other or an entire report for your colleague, then that shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Messaging apps know that stickers are life, and so BBM has made accessing your Free Stickers easier. You will be able to see and choose which ones to send to your contacts when you tap on the BBM Discovery Tab. The changelog also says there is a more secure sign in if you signed up for the app through your phone.

There are of course the usual bug fixes and improvements which we just have to take their word for it that they’re actually there. You can update your BBM app through its Google Play page.