While Blackberry has been making headlines lately because of its first Android smartphone, PRIV, let’s not forget that one of the things that has kept them in the public eye these past years is its BlackBerry Messenger or BBM. It has been one of their more popular services and the latest update to the app improves the features even more. It lets the user take more control of the conversations that they are part of, both in the main app and the enterprise level BBM Protected.

For the main BBM app, which is free for any users, you will now be able to set a subject for the multi-person chats that you have. This is a big help especially if you have several group conversations going on and you don’t want to say the wrong thing in the wrong group. Users can also now control the notification previews that they get as well as the ability to scroll through your group’s photo gallery, in case you’re looking for a certain photo that you know was shared with the group.

As for the enterprise-grade BBM Protected, there are also some updates to improve the service even more. Users can now send messages that can be flagged as high priority within an already existing chat. You also have your Team Chat now where you can set the the chat subject an then add team members to it. And you can choose to activate the Delivered and Read notifications if you’re in a multi=person chat.

The update has rolled out already for users who have either BBM or BBM Protecd. If you don’t have either, you can download it from the Google Play Store for free, but with local in-app purchases available.