For the 10 people (okay, maybe 20) who still have a Blackberry among your contacts, having a Blackberry Messenger is still very much convenient way of communicating with the rest of the Android, Windows or iOS people. The latest update for their BBM for Android app brings more customizable options as well as support for those who have Android Wear smartwatches.

One feature that has been constantly requested by users is the ability to customize their BBM Pin instead of the just random numbers and letters that currently make up your unique pin. So now if you upgrade to the latest version of the BBM App, you can make your own 6-8 digit alphanumeric code, provided you’re willing to shell out $1.99 per month which you can do so in the BBM Shop. Well, if you have extra money just lying around idle per month, then this would be worth it to have that 666DEV PIN you’ve always wanted to have (provided no one has beaten you to it yet).

Another major update is that the new BBM also now has support for Android Wear. If you have a smartwatch using this platform, you’ll now be able to see notifications, preview the message, and see who it is coming from. You can also read the messages and even respond to them with pre-defined messages or using Google Now for a hands-free option. If people are still sending you BBM invites, you can also accept them through your smartwatch.

Other new features in the app is the addition of multiple BBM channel contributors and sharing photos in group chats. The update will be rolling out to users starting tomorrow so be a little patient if you don’t see it yet on your BBM.

SOURCE: Blackberry