BBM Protected is a product that Blackberry has been offering to enterprises to allow employees to chat without there being any danger of any corporate secrets leaking out, since a lot of messaging apps don’t have reliable security. Previously, all the chat participants needed to be on a Blackberry and Blackberry Protect specifically, but now, you can also be on it, even if you are on an Android device.

With data breaches costing an average of $6 million per firm that has been attacked, corporate security is at an all-time high, even as corporations continue to adapt BYOS (Bring Your Own Service) in terms of messaging apps to cut down on IT costs and also to speed up productivity. BBM Protected opens up an alternative service, one that has all the features of the usual consumer messaging service, the convenience of a cloud service, but the security that would keep hackers from getting in to your system.

Now you don’t have to force everyone into getting a Blackberry. It can now work on any Android devices that have the BBM app. One person just has to start a Protected convo using Blackberry Protect, and they can invite even non-BBM protected users into the conversation, as long as they have the BBM app on their device.


Once the BBM Protected connection has been established, either of the parties can initiate a secure conversation already. The BBM app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store, if you don’t have it yet.

SOURCE: Blackberry