If you use BBM (Blackberry Messenger for the uninitiated) a lot and you don’t want to switch from one app to another but you need to get a ride now, you’ll be happy to know that they have struck a deal with what is probably the most popular ride sharing app now, Uber. Well, this is good news if you live in Indonesia at least. The messaging app is now launching an integration where you can call for a ride without having to download the Uber app.

While it may be easier to just download the Uber app itself, if you spend a lot of time talking to friends and colleagues on BBM, then this is probably more convenient for you. And if you’ve never used Uber before, this is also a good way to start hailing rides. From your BBM app, go to the Discover menu. You’ll now see an option with the Uber Ride icon and then you’ll be redirected to an Uber login page. You just enter your phone number and password (assuming you already have one).

If you don’t have an account yet, we assume it’s also easy to register for one and then log on after you’ve finished setting it up. So now that you’re logged in, just enter your destination and your pickup location, choose which Uber ride you want to take, and how you’ll pay for the ride. Confirm your request and then Uber will do its thing and your driver will pick you up in the location you indicated.

There is no news yet if they plan to expand this to other countries where both BBM and Uber are widely used. But it looks like they will eventually do so since the partnership was announced between BBM and Uber Southeast Asia.



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