BlackBerry regular releases software updates for its Android phones, proving that it can be done. This also includes updates to the native BlackBerry apps found in the devices. Perhaps one of the most popular BlackBerry-developed apps we know is the BBM Messenger that allows mobile consumers to share instant messages with other contacts. Even if you don’t have a BlackBerry phone, you can still use the IM app if you prefer its interface and security.

The BBM Messenger app now has a redesigned chat screen that shows new bubbles and colors. The aesthetic update includes some additions to Discover, new animated stickers and an enhanced main menu for Android users. The new chat screen for Android now shows chat bubbles looking more like speech bubbles and with a white and lighter blue color scheme. You may also notice the time stamps in the bubbles, as well as, the ‘read’ or ‘delivered’ reference.

The menu bar can now be found at the bottom of the screen. This makes the options nearer your fingertips for more convenience. A floating icon may appear so you can easily start Groups and share your calendars or to-do lists with other people.

The sticker shop has also gotten a makeover. More were added from the Sticker Factory together with original ones from BlackBerry artists. For other regions, there are some changes to the Discover menu.



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