We might have mixed feelings about Blackberry and its continued quest to get back into the bosom of the smartphone industry, but when it comes to Blackberry Messenger or BBM, we are less ambivalent. It’s still up there with other messaging apps, trying to compete and establish itself as a secure service with all the features that people look for in that kind of app. The latest update brings features like spam blocking, adding your number to your profile, and other enhanced features users might enjoy.

Spam is not just a yummy canned meat product but is also one of the most annoying things that we receive whether in your email or on your messaging app. The latest update to BBM brings you the ability to block these spam messages, specifically those sent through “invites”. You also now can add your telephone number to your account information so it will make signing in (in case you log out or something) much easier.

If you like to use a lot of stickers in your messages, you will now be able to see your most recently used stickers in the BBM sticker picker so that you have easier access to your favorite ones. The update also brings channel representatives so you have improved discoverability of your channel chat. You also get the BBM Discover screen in a list view so you can easily discover new things as well.

Updates of course come with the usual unnamed bug fixes and improvements. You can check if your BBM already has the update or download and try it out if you haven’t yet through the Google Play Store page.


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