The BBM release date rumors continue. At this point it seems likely they will continue right up until the time the app lands in the Play Store. Before that happens though, it looks like we have another post dealing with the potential release date. This latest comes by way of the Indonesian language TecknoUp who have recently shared what appears to be an invite to a BBM launch event.

In addition to the invite itself, there were also some details in terms of the release plans. Basically, it is looking like BBM for Android will be arriving in the Play Store this coming Friday. The details point towards the release coming at 7AM EST on Friday, September 20th.

Aside from Android, that 7AM EST time is also when is expected to go live and when messages will be sent out to those who pre-registered interest in the app. While we focus on Android here, there was also talk about the app coming to iOS. And in this case, it looks like Apple users will have an extra day of waiting. It was said that BBM will be coming to iOS on September 21st at 12:01 EST.

All that being said, aside from the details coming from TecknoUp, the folks at CrackBerry have also said they have “received quite a few emails that do suggest the date is correct.” Simply put, it looks like BBM is finally going cross-platform this week. The interesting thing will be to see how well adopted that app will be. We expect to see decent numbers in terms of initial downloads, however long term adoption is what we are more curious about.