One thing that users appreciate with any messenger app is if it has a desktop version. It allows you to switch seamlessly from your smartphone to your laptop or computer because sometimes we need that. BBM Desktop has been seen on and off by BBM beta users but now it looks like it will officially enter the beta phase for selected users with the next update. We can expect it to start rolling out in the next couple of days and hopefully, it will eventually be available for all BBM users.

The official announcement states that the BBM Desktop beta for Android users will only be available for selected users. The lucky ones will see the BBM Desktop icon on the Me tab of their Android app. When you click on the link, you’ll see a barcode scanner. So what you need to do next is go to your laptop/desktop and type in and then scan the barcode that you see from your mobile app.

Once you’ve done all that, you’ll be able to use the desktop version and do the usual BBM things, like view all your chats in a list or in groups. You can also look for specific chats from the search bar by typing in a word or the contacts. You can also start a new conversation by searching for a contact. You will also be able to view broadcast messages from channels that you already subscribe to.

If you don’t have the desktop icon yet on your app, that means you’re not one of the lucky ones. But they are assuring users that they will bring BBM Desktop, the full version, to everyone soon.

VIA: Crackberry


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