Anyone that has a mobile phone knows that the speeds and coverage that the carrier promises in their marketing and the reality of the network are rarely the same. Consumers on the UK will soon have a better idea of what carrier has the best coverage and data speeds across the country and what those speeds actually are. BBC is working on a major survey that will look into phone coverage in the UK.

The survey will happen over the next month and will try to chart the availability of 3G and 2G coverage around the country. The goal is to provide an independent coverage map it to along with what the carriers offer. The survey will be made using Android handsets and a network analysis app developed by Epitiro. After the testing is complete, BBC will offer the results in the form of a clickable map.

This survey will provide the details that people need to choose a carrier in the UK. Ofcom says there are about 12 million smartphones in the UK today. The regulator estimates that 91% of the UK has 2G coverage and 76% has 3G coverage. The survey will help put more accurate numbers on coverage.