As reported early today on SlashGear, it appears that America’s appetite for the “Beeb” is not waning anytime soon as BBC has announced their iPlayer app will be coming soon to not only the iPad, but Android tablets tablets as well.  Last year, BBC launched their BBC News app to great success, and now, the Royal network plans to premiere their iPlayer as the next in a steady line of apps for British Television.

Initially, the news was iPlayer would be coming to iPad only, but it looks like Android development is well advanced and the company hopes to premiere both apps by the end of the week.  Here’s a breakdown of iPlayer’s features for both platforms:

  • Users will be able to watch TV and listen to radio, not previously available on mobile devices
  • Search BBC’s complete catalog of programming, as well as a seven day que of TV and radio on demand
  • Series tracking of your favorite BBC programs

The apps promise to be a significant improvement over the original BBC News app, which was admittedly just a repurposed web interface.  One downside, however, the iPlayer app won’t be available for every single Android device due to technical reasons.  Viewers must have at least Android 2.2 (Froyo) , Adobe Flash 10.1 installed, and a WiFi connection for a smooth viewing experience.

[via BBC]