While minimalist and simple type of mobile games are sometimes needed, there are days when you want to just feast your eyes on excellent visuals or go all out medieval in battle. Battlelore: Command is a new game for your Android devices that mimics the adventure of board games but at the same time turns it into a visual feast to test your combat tactics and strategy to win the battle.

The mobile game is based on the board game Battlelore Second Edition. You are the leader of the Daqan army that is sworn to protect your homeland of Terrinoth from the invading hordes of demon barbarians called the Uthuk Y’llan (just don’t ask us to pronounce that). Or if you prefer to be the bad guy in this one, you can lead the invading army as you dare to take the lands from their rightful owners.

The game has several features to prepare your for battle. You can train your armies and deploy them where you think they can best serve during the siege. You can also use the 360º view in order to see the battlefield from whatever angle you want. You also have several playing modes to choose from, like a multi-mission single player, where you’re the good guy of the Daqan army. You can also choose from five different skirmish scenarios and fight against your computer or your friend.

Battlelore:Command is available to download from the Google Play Store for $11.12. Since it is graphically heavy, it will work best on newer smartphones or tablets with higher specs. You can check if your device meets the minimum requirements before purchasing the game.


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