Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the whole Cyber Weekend may be over but companies aren’t done with delivering some of the best deals and discounts. If not special prizes, then maybe a host of gifts not usually given to casual gamers. The next 6.31 update brings a gifting feature available only for a week. If you happen to get the update, watch out for items to purchase or buy as a gift. Right on the Item Shop, you will see either ‘Purchase Items’ or ‘Buy As A Gift’ as options.

Battle Royale players who choose ‘Buy As A Gift’ will be able to send and select a gift to friends. You can never be too generous enough in giving gifts to friends so go on and send a custom message if you wish.

When your friend opens the app to play a game, he will receive the gift box with the item you chose. Giving is caring but you can’t just give gifts to anyone.

Remember to check if you have Multi-factor authentication. Make sure it is enabled on your account. You and your friends must also be connected for at least 48 hours before you can send an item.

Within a 24-hour period, you can only give a gift three times. You can only choose to give an item that is in the Item Shop. Note that these items and not refundable.

You can choose not to receive gifts by disabling such option. Check Account Settings inside the game.

SOURCE: Epic Games