We’ve all seen and probably used tons of different battery meters, widgets, and mods in the past but today we have our personal favorite to share with everyone. Yes, crazy as it sounds it’s actually called ‘Battery Widget? Reborn!’ and today is even being featured by Google with their new wireless charging orb in the Play Store. Goofy punctuation aside, this is hands down one of the best battery widget apps I’ve come across and it’s available in beta for free, or a Pro version as we speak.

If you’ve been looking for a neat, simple, clean, and elegant battery meter and widget that has more custom settings and options than you’ll ever need — then look no further. This app does it all. For starters, it has an elegant and simple Holo-themed user interface, follows the Android guidelines and you can top the tabs on top, or simply swipe through the tabs as usual. The developer, Tomas Hubalek, has added more features than just a battery widget too.

This isn’t just your average battery widget. It will tell you stats, temperature, voltage, battery drain time, recharge to 100% estimates and more. For those wanting to know anything and everything about their battery (aside from what’s killing it) this is for you. They even have an “average long-term stats” that will learn as you use it, and guesstimate how long til battery reaches zero. It’s pretty neat so take a peek below.

Aside from all the neat battery features and resizable widgets (as well as a dock widget for tablets) they also have integrated those notification toggle switches we all love. Most manufacturers like HTC and Samsung have WiFi, Bluetooth, and other toggles in their notification pulldown bar now but for those who don’t — this app provides that too. Everything is highly customizable just as you saw above, and it’s extremely user friendly.

Overall the app is dead simple, neat, extremely polished, and most of all completely free. The free ‘beta’ version is listed to expire at some point but that keeps getting extended. Or you can show your gratitude to the developer by picking up the paid Pro version linked to above. More details can be found from the Google Play Store or the via below.

[via Battery Widget? Reborn!]


  1. How did you get the circle icon to replace the stock battery meter icon in the upper right? The circle only shows up for me in the upper left.

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