Android users who would like to have a battery percentage rather than the less descriptive battery level on most Android devices may want to look at the new Battery Percent Enabler app. The app is designed to work with any Android 4.4 or higher device.

The best news is that unlike some apps of this sort, Battery Percent Enabler doesn’t require root access to your device. The developer of the app notes that you will only be able to see the percent text when the battery is low enough.


The text is white and the battery background is white as well. The dev says that it is impossible to change the text color with his app because the white color is hard coded in the SystemUI.apk file.

The last update for the battery percentage app was on December 30 and it is in version 1.1 now. It has been installed as many as 500,000 times according to Google Play. The download size is 85k.

SOURCE: Google Play


  1. Or you can install Notification Toggle, also free, and change the icon to show battery percentage. It also includes power settings and shortcuts.

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  3. What my phone always has showed the percentage? Didn’t know it was hidden on others Lol. That’s dumb. My last two phones were sony though.


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