We haven’t featured anything from Wiliot yet but this semiconductor pioneer and innovator is ready to show off the first Battery-Free Bluetooth Sensor Tag in the world after a lot of hard work in development. Before production happened, the team raised some $50 million to start the project. So what’s the sticker is really all about? It’s mainly a small Bluetooth sensor tag that comes with an ARM processor. It doesn’t use any battery but gathers power from ambient radio frequencies.

Wiliot announced the product at the National Retail Federation 2019 (NRF) event in New York this week with a demo video to give us an idea what the sticker can do. The sticker basically allows quick and easy data transfer.

Information is limited but the tag allows lower sale and maintenance costs for different businesses and industries. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy to connect with WiFi, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and LTE networks.

One of the goals is to help push the IoT since such stickers or tags will be a good foundation for the future. This way, more devices, and products will be “connected”.

Old non-IoT items can be connected in the future with this Battery-Free Bluetooth Sensor Tag. One sticker can be embedded and can work without much requirement on a few examples: production phase of consumer goods for real-time tracking, product information on tags or packaging, instructions and reminders for consumers, tracking of lost or stolen items, and communication with washing machines.