Last month the folks from Barnes & Noble confirmed they’ll no longer be working on and manufacturing the NOOK tablet. Instead, the company will license out the brand moving forward, instead of building their own. At the same time we saw a quick price drop to help shed some of their inventory, but now it looks like another drop has arrived, at least for the NOOK HD in the UK.

According to our own Chris Davies at SlashGear, B&N has just slashed the price again, and we can expect other regions to follow suite. The NOOK HD will be offered for £99 for the 8GB model (or £129 for the 16GB version), which comes in being about £30 cheaper than their last promotion or price reduction.

It sounds to us like these NOOK tablets just aren’t selling, even with the prices being slashed. Even the larger 9-inch NOOK HD+ saw a price drop at the same rate as the smaller sibling. With the NOOK HD+ 16GB model being £149, and then of course the 32GB model is £179, respectively.

According to the report Barnes & Noble called these price drops just temporary, but we have a feeling they’re here to stay. With the Kindle Fire and others doing quite well, and B&N looking to license out the NOOK brand, we can’t see a higher price being in the cards. The NOOK e-Reader will continue on, but at this time the state of the Android-powered NOOK HD is unknown. We’ll probably see a few third party models arrive sometime next year.

VIA: SlashGear