Shopping for a Nook HD or Nook HD+ has just become a bit easier for those in the US. Well, not necessarily easier, but more convenient given the newly announced availability with Walmart. Simply put, Walmart shoppers will now be able to pick up either of these Android based tablets.

The Nook HD and HD+ availability is with all Walmart retail locations as well as online at In addition to purchasing the devices, Walmart will also have a range of accessories, which will also be found online and in retail stores. The pricing will be the same as you would see direct with Barnes & Noble, that is to say, $199 for the Nook HD and $269 for the Nook HD+.

For those needing a quick recap, the Nook HD has the 7-inch display and the HD+ has the larger 9-inch display. Walmart has the Nook HD available in Smoke and the HD+ available in Slate. Additionally, those looking for a Nook, but not necessarily the tablets, Walmart also has the Simple Touch available for $79.

And if you have something against Walmart, the Nook HD and HD+ remain available direct with Barnes & Noble where you can find them online and in any of the 700 retail stores across the US. Of course, with despite your feelings about Walmart, with them having more than 4,500 locations across the US, that somehow seems like an easier destination.

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[via Business Wire]