Oh shiny! It’s always exciting to see a device transform from monotone to color. Remember way back when Gameboy did it? That was radical. Next Tuesday, a source telling CNET says, Barnes & Noble will be making a similar (in a way) announcement about their NOOK line. The NOOK Color may well be one that not only features a color display, but a touchscreen, too!

The unnamed source notes that the entire B&N development team and indeed company have been focusing on this new color design. It’s said to have a 7 inch color touchscreen display, powered by Android, and for the lowlow price of $249. That’ll blow some fishies out of the water. The display could possibly be a Qualcomm-backed Mirasol – they who’ve shown prototypes for color eReaders in the past, but the truth is yet unknown.

[Via SlashGear]


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