Barnes & Noble is bumping up production of its Android-based Nook Color for the holiday season. According to B&N chairman Len Riggio they are manufacturing Nook Colors at a rate of 18,000 per day and load up a 747 every four to five days to bring devices to the U.S. from China.

He goes on to state that B&N is fully ready for the holiday demand of the color eReader. As far as user adaptation, he feels the demand for all eReaders will grow into 2011 before tapering off in 2012.

We have had our hands on the device and it proves to be a very impressive eReader. Although, it can not do much else without access to the Android Market, for an eReader it’s one of the best. You can check out our unboxing and initial review of the Nook Color here.

[Via cnet]


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