Barnes & Noble has officially kicked off their latest promotion surrounding the Nook. Except, this promotion is one that will benefit others, as opposed to yourself. Simply put, if you buy a Nook, Barnes & Noble will give a book. The promotion is called “Buy a NOOK, We’ll Give a Book” and the key here is who will be getting the book.

You see, Barnes & Noble will be donating the books to First Book, which for those unfamiliar, is a charity that provides new books to children in need. In other words, you may still be paying full price for your Nook, however we think those getting the books will be happy.

This offer is currently open and will remain through December 25. Those interested in purchasing a Nook (in order to give a book) can make their purchase either online or at any of the Barnes & Noble retail stores. This offer applies to the purchase of any Nook device including the Nook HD and HD+ as well as the Simple Touch and Simple Touch with GlowLight.

For the back story here, this is far from the first time Barnes & Noble has done a holiday book drive. In fact, they have been doing it for 20 years now. Last year they donated more than 1.2 million books to more than 2,000 local charities. And for the icing on the cake, Barnes & Noble has said they are on track to exceed that figure this year.

All said and done, aside from buying a Nook, there is nothing else for you to do — the book will automatically be donated.

[via Barnes & Noble]