Some news for those who like in-app purchases and also happen to be using a NOOK. Barnes & Noble has announced the upcoming availability of in-app purchasing. This support is said to be coming “soon.” More specifically, Barnes & Noble has said that “thousands of the most-requested games and apps featuring in-app purchasing” will be available in the coming weeks and months.

Basically, this means NOOK users will be able to spend money buying extras. Of course, Barnes & Noble is trying to make it simple for the end user noting that by way of the Fortumo integration, they will be able to set-up and register for in-app purchases. In other words, once your account is set-up, future in-app purchases will require nothing more than clicking the “Pay” option.

This setup does have some perks for the developer as well. To begin with, an easier checkout process should make customers more willing to spend some money. The system will also provide developers with tools to do everything from implement the in-app purchases to a dashboard that offers details on revenue and analytics.

Bottom line here, those with a NOOK device, including the 7-inch NOOK HD and the 9-inch NOOK HD+ will soon be able to spend money within apps to buy things such as extra levels and extra coins. We just have to wonder, how long will it be until we hear our first NOOK related in-app purchasing horror story.

[via Business Wire]