For true blue audiophiles, playing music on their mobile devices’ speakers is just not satisfying enough aurally speaking. But of course it’s impossible to lug around their nice speaker set-ups at home when they’re mobile. What’s the next best thing? Portable Bluetooth speakers seem to be the answer. A lot of major speaker brands have been getting into the fray and Bang & Olufsen are the latest ones to come out with their BeoPlay A2 speakers.

Bluetooth speakers aren’t the most reliable of course, with its compressed sound and all, but hey, it is still better than your phone’s speakers. And with renowned brands like B&O offering up their own Bluetooth speakers, it won’t be long until we can say they’re just as good as the ones you have at home. But for portable devices, the A2 seems pretty cool in itself, with a rectangular design that has grilles on both sides. What’s more, it has a strap on one end that would allow you to carry it with you and even hang it in your bathroom while taking a bath and singing in the shower.


The A2 can last up to 24 hours if fully charged (through a USB port) and can be connected with at most 8 devices through Bluetooth 4.0. It also has a line-in option in case you would be needing wired connection (but really, why would you?). The speakers have a pair of 3″ drivers, 3/4″ tweeters (no, not that Tweeter), 30W digital class-D amps and passive bass radiators. It is a bit heavy 1.1 kg. but hey, that beats lugging around 5 kilogram speakers right?

Of course since it’s Bang & Olufsen, you can expect a pretty hefty price tag. But if you don’t mind spending $399, go ahead and get the A2 speakers, available in solid black, grey and green options. Hopefully, this is just the first Bluetooth speaker from B&O and that other brands will also release their own.

VIA: SlashGear