Despite all the different virtual keyboards available in the app market which makes life a little bit easier for you when you’re using your smartphone’s small screen, it still is challenging. And sometimes you’re just too lazy and wished there was an easier way to type out long messages and posts. Well Baidu is here to save the day (your fingers) with its new TalkType app, which, you guessed it, lets you talk instead of type.

We have made strides already when it comes to voice-based computing and speech recognition technology with your Siris and Alexas and Ok Googles. But for keyboard apps, it still remained a largely text and tying based exercise. Now Baidu is planning to change all of that as they release what is supposedly the first voice-centric full-function keyboard for Android smartphones. The microphone is front and center with the app, literally we mean, as the icon is really there.

Even if the app is truly voice-centric, it is also integrated with an alphanumeric keyboard just in case. It also supports swipe motions (which apps like SwiftKey have been using) and emojis, which as we all know is super important for the kids (adults) these days. The QuickShare feature in the app also lets you share GIFs, local business, and location information.

According to the creators, this is an app that is truly voice-centric and not just “voice also” as compared to the other virtual keyboard or related apps. They also believe that this is just the first of a slew of apps that will be using speech as their primary input method. You can download the TalkType Voice Keyboard app from the Google Play Store for free.