In September 2011, we talked a bit about the Chinese search engine Baidu and Dell working on an Android-based operating system for smartphones. Baidu is set to make a move with its very own operating system with the goal of rivaling Android in the Chinese market. The operating system will be called Baidu Cloud.

The smartphone platform will integrate with company’s cloud-based storage service and other web products. Baidu is the number one search engine in China. This will be a completely different product from the Yi Android-based OS. This sounds a lot like Google’s move years ago when it unveiled Android to compete with other mobile operating systems.

Baidu executives claim that the company is in talks with global partners for use of the operating system. However, the company didn’t offer specific details on the operating system or launch plans. Those details will come next week when the Chinese search engine has promised to reveal partners and more. Baidu has already been tipped to be working with Foxconn on a so-called Baidu Phone. This device could well be running the new operating system and the prices been tipped at the equivalent of $159.

[via The Next Web]


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