Popular — and brilliant — iOS game Badland has made its way to Android. The game offers a contrasting aesthetic with sublime gameplay, and dead simple objectives. While it looks and sounds so simple, it’s addicting. A side scrolling puzzle gamer, Badland is free to play with an in-app upgrade.

The upgrade is after 40 levels of play, though, so you’ll get more than you bargained for upfront. If you decide you love Badland, and we hope you do, there is an option to pay $1.99 for the last 40 levels. Again, we really hope you spend a few bucks; Badland is that good.

Much like popular side-scrolling game Spirits, Badland offers a simple-yet-beautiful black silhouetted character on a light background. Unlike Sprits, which has varying scales of grays and more earth tones, Badland offers vibrant colors and a bit more depth to the graphics.

Badland also brings a gameplay model we’ve come to really like about mobile gaming, in which you tap to make your character flutter its wings. Like the graphics, the gameplay is smooth and pleasantly responsive. Along the way, you encounter power-ups that make your character larger, which changes the gameplay subtly each time — the bigger they are, the slower they fly.

If you’re looking for your next “can’t put it down” game, Badland is worth a look. It’s one of those games that stays with you long after you put your device down, and that gives it staying power for our devices. It’s also an indie game, meaning that you’re supporting innovation from the ground up.