Rovio‘s latest creation and the sequel to Angry Birds will be called Bad Piggies. The game will focus on the viewpoint of the evil pigs that we all loathed in previous Angry Bird installments. However, it seems the infamous Angry Birds won’t be anywhere to be found. Instead, Bad Piggies will be all about building vehicles and trying to get them from point A to point B with the pigs on board. It’s a trial-and-error puzzle game that looks to be on par with Rovio’s Amazing Alex.

Slingshots are nowhere to be found in Big Piggies and it takes a completely different approach than what the Angry Birds series takes. The player creates land and air vehicles using all sorts of different parts, and you assemble them using a two-dimensional grid. You can create anything from regular cars to planes, and even assemble helicopters and rocket ships.

Bad Piggies looks to be a lot more feature-filled than the Angry Birds series. Instead of using a simple slingshot to knock down an arrangement of blocks, Bad Piggies gives you a plethora of different parts and machines to work with — the combinations look endless.

This type of game is nothing new, but Rovio seems to be adding their own twist to the genre and is hoping to get hours and hours of play time out of its fans. Check out the gameplay trailer below to see the game in action. Bad Piggies officially releases on September 27th and will be available on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

[via SlashGear]