It was at the CeBIT 2014 when we first heard of the Samsung Cloud Print but as a cloud-based printing solution. That’s a different system but more than two years later, the South Korean tech giant is using the Samsung Cloud reference once again as another service. Earlier this month, the company announced the Samsung Cloud as a new 15GB free storage. The new Galaxy Note 7 comes with this feature while the S7 and S7 edge was updated recently to support the cloud service.

Samsung Cloud is more than just another cloud storage. This solution makes backing up easier not only as a safety and precautionary measure but also to make data transfer a cinch when you want to switch phones. With Samsung Cloud, you can have all your important data with you whether they are photos, videos, messages, or documents.

Samsung Cloud offers quick backup, syncing, and restoration of data. You don’t have to worry about losing any important files. You can also view media files across all devices. If you change your device, you can still use your current data and transfer to the new one.

Sync and restore can be done efficiently. With Samsung Cloud, you can also setup and manage preferences from one screen to backup and sync or restore any data you need. The cloud service will store any personal data and multimedia files from your Contacts to Calendar, Memes & Notes, Photos, Videos, Voice recordings, Music, and Documents. Samsung Cloud can also save device data and settings from Bookmarks to Call logs, Device settings, Email accounts, App data, and even Home screen layout.

Samsung Cloud is guaranteed secure because of the additional privacy and protection as made possible by the Samsung Knox security platform. Read more information about Samsung Cloud on Samsung’s website.

SOURCE: Samsung