Backup by Google One

Google One is one subscription service by the tech giant that allows expanded cloud storage. It was introduced in 2018 and since then, we have seen improvements and new features. There was the free phone backup and new storage manager. There was also the automatic backup. For this year, we’re learning about ‘Backup by Google One’. It’s simply an update over the available backup service. Google wants to improve in this area by cover more like app data, call history, device preferences, contacts, and SMS messages. Other important information like passwords, WiFi networks, wallpapers, language and input settings, display settings, and date/time are also backed up.

Backup by Google One is said to be expansive and unified. It can save and backup more data like your videos, photos, and MMS messages. You can control your Android settings and manage your backup preferences here.

The Google One app or website alone helps protect and save your data. Even MMS can be backed up. Management is more efficient as you can benefit from a unified approach. Feel free to access in the Android settings in this Backup by Google One page.

It’s branded as ‘Google One’ but this will also be ready for all Google Accounts. It follows the recent move to make the Google One app’s storage manager tool available to all. The limit though is still 15GB of free storage. A bigger storage will require payment.

The unified backup experience for Android will continue to be enhanced. Google will go on with research and development especially since the program will be widely used on devices Android 8.0 and above.