If you think you’re secure in your online privacy, you’re probably not. While the slew of NSA leaks and revelations have opened our eyes to online security, one app is having a bit of fun with it. Backchat is an interesting game/messaging platform that entices you to guess who you’re speaking to — if you can.

Using friends from Facebook or Google+, you’re invited to try and find out who you’re talking to. Through a series of clues generated by the app, you can slowly peel away the layers of mystery. Conversely, you can send an anonymous message to someone, and toy with them a bit before possibly being exposed for who you are.

Though a fun idea, it does shed light on how our identity is found,and things like passwords hacked. Meant for fun, the game does have some serious undertones, which luckily don’t take center stage. Perhaps it’s just timing, or done purposefully, but a messaging platform that makes us think while it engages is really interesting to us. From the listing, the Backchat team notes “Backchat is a communication tool designed for those of us who can’t wait to find exciting and original ways to chat with our friends and have a good time.”

Fun really is the order of the day, and the Play Store reviews suggest people are picking up on that. With most saying it’s fun, the 4.6-star rating has quite a few reviews touting it’s engaging nature. In toying with it, we like Backchat for its intrigue, but we can see how it would get really weird, really quick.

VIA: Droid Life