Backbreaker Football by NaturalMotionGames is a very popular arcade style Football game for all those Football fans. Things are about to get even better, mainly for those that own the Xperia Play already or have pre-ordered with Verizon and that is because they have just announced Backbreaker Football 2: Vengeance

Backbreaker 2 is available in the Android Market now, launching for the Xperia Play exclusively and you can get it now by clicking here. They have listened to the fans and added the few things that would make a great game and I can’t wait to get the Tegra optimized version of Backbreaker 2.

The million-selling Backbreaker Football is back with a vengeance – and this time YOU tackle! Backbreaker 2 again raises the bar for graphics, physical animation and pure fun. You spoke, we listened: tackling, trucking, jumping – it’s all here! Take down the ball carrier in Vengeance Mode, or fight your way to the endzone in the classic Tackle Alley mode. Whatever you do – this is the best Backbreaker yet, so enjoy the ride!

The biggest change and most notable new feature is the ability to tackle. It was a great game but was arcade style offensive running only, no actual offensive plays and no defense whatsoever. Things are about to change and we are all in for some exciting Football. Being able to juke and spin around defenders, then switch it to Vengeance mode and start tackling should make for hours of fun. I personally loved the first one and can’t wait to try out Backbreaker Football 2.

[via Android Market]



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