If you’ve been saving your digital files to the Backblaze online backup tool, you will be pleased to know that they finally have an Android app so you can access your data through your smartphone or tablet. Most data storage services, be it on an actual physical server or a cloud, needs to have this functionality as more and more users tend to be mobile most of the time and need instant access to their documents.

With the new Android app, Backblaze users will be able to search through their files in the server and view, open and download them to their Android device of choice. If users need to do so, they can also share specific files through SMS, email and social networks as well. The files backed up can also be accessed even if the computers are not turned on or if they’re offline.

Backblaze is available in around 175 countries and has been hailed as the best back up solution by several tech organisations and websites and has over 100,000,000 GB of data backed up. However, the app seems to be limited for now, as it can only view files, but not back-up the mobile device itself. Other data backup tools, particularly those that are on a cloud like Google Drive and OneDrive, can also edit files and synchronise them automatically across all devices. Maybe Backblaze will be able to add better features as they go on.

While the app is free to download from the Google Play Store, Backblaze’s service is not. It backs up your computer or laptop’s files, with unlimited data, for $5 per month. You can try it out for free at first, just to compare it to other backup services like Dropbox, Box, etc.