If you find your smartphone’s default messaging app too limiting and boring, there are tons of SMS/MMS replacement apps out there that you can use. One that you can finally try out is AwSMS which was previously on private beta mode but now, it has had a public beta release. You will be able to enjoy all the customization options that are available with the app originally, plus a few minor changes that come with this latest update.

One of the things that you can do with AwSMS is to have a custom avatar color option per contact. That way, you can color code the people on your phonebook according to what they mean to your life: colleague, client, family member, friend, love of your life, etc. You can also customize not just per contact, but also per conversation. Now I don’t know how much time you’d have to spend color coding messages, but if that’s your thing, go ahead.

You also have snooze notifications, night mode, a heads up quick reply system, and Android Wear support, depending on the capability of the smartwatch you own. The update has also brought about an in-app camera which you can see at the attachment window, so you can take pictures from within the app itself. The attachment window has also been improved and you can now expand it when sliding up to go through your images.

The update has also brought bug fixes and feature improvements, but remember that it is still in beta so there will still be room for a lot more changes later on. You can download AwSMS from the Google Play Store for free.