Love Android, but want an iPhone too? Well here’s your chance to get Android on a super awesome Apple design! Sears is now selling what is clearly a fake iPhone running Android 2.2. While it may have a shiny iDevice body on the outside its its guts that really make this thing shine!

You want power? You’ll be screaming along with a beefy 400 MHz processor, playing HD video on a crystal clear 320 x 480 3.5″ capacitive touch screen. To top it all off, you get a 2 MP camera to snap super clear photos. All this power is sure to let your Android powered device blow away any Apple made competitor.

OK, so this obviously isn’t anything special, but nonetheless it is fun to point and laugh at. The unlocked phone is available at for only $263.99 (clearly without a contract). The grammar in the description isn’t so hot either, suggesting that this is probably an imported iPhone rip-off that’s decided to run Android rather than making their own rip off software too. A shame that our beloved Android would be used in such an unholy imposter.