While we do love to solve puzzles on our mobile phones, sometimes the games available are not enough to challenge us. One game that looks simple enough but will eventually get your spatial (and color) knowledge going is Joinz, an endless puzzle game that has won awards in other platforms and is now available for Android devices. The game is like a love-child of the good old Tetris and puzzle game Threes!, but just a bit more complicated and does not involve math.

The object of the endless puzzle game is to try and replicate the three “tetris-like” shapes at the top of your screen, by sliding and matching the colored blocks. You get more points as you create these shapes, and you get bonus points the more complicated they become. Sounds simple enough right? And it is in the beginning, but the longer the games go on, the colors in the board start to become more varied, lessening your chances of creating the same-colored combos. Also, everytime you fail to join blocks, a new one is added to the board.

You get special gifts and power ups as the game goes along to help you clear the board when you’re running out of options. The Silver Award-winning game has minimalist graphics and music that will not distract from the game, especially when things get a bit more complicated. You can try to beat your friends’ high scores as well through a social leader board, if you’re feeling a bit more competitive.

Joinz is available through the Google Play Store for only $1.99. There are no in-app purchases and ads, just that one-time payment to enjoy playing the puzzle game.