If you like role playing games and Norse mythology, you’ve probably heard of The Banner Saga, a hugely popular video game that rated 82 out of 100 on Metacritic when it first came out. It is now making its way to your smartphone or tablet with the launch of its Android version and from the looks of it, it will just be as excellent as the original PC version.

The Viking-themed RPG relies on your strategy to drive your personal story troughout the game as you battle your way through the landscape of its Nordic world. You can choose from among 25 playable characters from 7 different classes, all with unique abilities that you can draw on and improve on as you upgrade them. It is actually the first game in a projected trilogy (see, even games have fallen into the trilogy fever) and is already showing promise of becoming a classic, at least in its genre.

Each decision you make while talking to other characters, traveling and especially when in combat will affect your story in this world. The combat sequences and animation were hand-drawn and look stunning, even in still images. There is beatiful music scored by Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory to accompany you the whole game as well.

The PC version of the game has received numerous awards including Best Indie Video Game, so you know that both the gameplay and the visuals are excellent. And if you’re a fan of RPGs on your mobile device, you probably wouldn’t bulk at this game’s price. You can buy Banner Saga from the Google Play Store for $11.99.