Get ready for the ultimate battle of Alien vs Predator. The folks from FOX have been teasing this game for some time, but today it finally landed in the Google Play Store. Instead of being in the middle of a war you’ll actually get to participate and it looks like loads of fun. Any AvP fan will surely want to check this out.

This brand new game AvP: Evolution brings the classic movies to our favorite Android devices. What’s even better is you’ll get to play both sides too. Yup, you can be Alien or Predator in this new mobile game. You’ll have to fork over $5 to enjoy this title, but the video below will give you an idea of what to expect.

As Predator you’ll be able to fight against the hordes of enemy Aliens in an attempt to save the clan, and as Alien you’ll be saving the Alien race from enslavement by the Predators. It’s basically a nice twist on the classic movies, and has plenty of violence and gore. Take a peek below.

While $5.00 for a mobile game isn’t cheap the graphics are decent, and they promise hours of fun gameplay. Plus any fan has to get this for his collection. It offers fierce combat and tons of character level-ups to increase and enhance gameplay. FOX also added controller support too, so for those with a Bluetooth controller you can enjoy this new game even more. For those interested head to the Play Store and give it a try today.

[via Play Store]