Most of smartphone owners would probably admit that a huge part of their device’s internal memory is taken up by photos. And probably a lot of these photos are actually blurry or doubles or just not needed anymore, but they’re just probably too lazy to delete or there are just too many to sort through. The latest update for AVG Cleaner for Android now comes with a tool that can help you if you have that problem with the photos on your smartphone.

The Smart Photo Cleaner is a new feature that can be found on the AVG Cleaner app and its main purpose is to help you make space on your smartphone by automatically deleting any duplicate, similar, or poor quality photos that you probably won’t need anymore. They say that on average, we have around 2GB of unnecessary photos on our devices, and if you’re working on a 16GB device, that is precious internal storage space indeed.

But aside from the photo cleaner, the update also brings other new features for the app. You now have a one-click dashboard overview so that you can easily see crucial elements like device performance, battery life, and storage, and from that same section, you can fix, clean, and remove those resource hogs. You also now have a cache cleaner and history cleaner which are pretty much self-explanatory.

The app manager feature meanwhile shows you which are the resource hungry apps so you can manage them while the battery manager helps you manage your device’s battery optimization by turning off power heavy apps and allowing you to create Battery Profiles so your usage can adjust wherever you are. The update is now available for download from the Google Play Store.



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